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China's special vehicle industry has a huge market for development

09-02-2021 11:46  

    Special purpose vehicles are not used for private consumption like private cars, but participate in the country's economic construction, play a role in promoting the development of economic construction, and are closely related to the development of the country's economy. From the perspective of foreign markets, the United States is one of the earliest countries in the development of special-purpose vehicles. The market in developed countries is relatively mature. Small batches and large varieties are a major feature of the production of special-purpose vehicles in advanced Western industrial countries. At present, my country's special-purpose vehicle market is developing by leaps and bounds. The special-purpose vehicle market has benefited from the growth of cargo transportation brought by the development of the national economy and the construction of highway infrastructure, and the scope of the industry has continued to expand.

    An analyst from Shangpu Consulting's machinery industry believes that the market development of my country's special-purpose vehicles has both challenges and opportunities. Due to the development of domestic urban construction, logistics services, high-grade road transportation, and sanitation vehicles, the market demand for special-purpose vehicles has also continued to increase, and the market has achieved rapid growth. development of. Special purpose vehicles are greatly affected by national policy investment, and driven by policies, engineering special vehicles have increased significantly, becoming the biggest beneficiaries of the policy. At present, there are more than 500 special-purpose vehicle manufacturers in my country, with more than 1550 special-purpose vehicle varieties. However, the types of special purpose vehicles in the domestic special purpose vehicle market are relatively single. The proportion of special purpose vehicles such as high-tech and new technologies is relatively low. The entry barrier for ordinary special purpose vehicles is low. The phenomenon of homogeneity is relatively serious. This not only reduces the profit of the entire industry, but also It also brings obstacles to the technological upgrading of enterprises.

    According to the 2010 China Special Purpose Vehicle Market Forecast and In-depth Research Report released by Shangpu Consulting, as the country’s economy develops, all walks of life are seeking new developments and breakthroughs, which will be dedicated to my country to varying degrees. The car market provides room for development. my country’s special-purpose vehicle market should seize this good opportunity, actively learn and digest international advanced technologies, improve international competitiveness, and improve the technical level of my country’s special-purpose vehicles in a true sense. From the perspective of future development trends, my country’s special-purpose vehicles The market will be in a stage of prosperity and development for a long time.  


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