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Intelligent welding
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Focus on vehicle intelligent equipment

Promote the special automobile production flexibility, digital production. High labor costs, further work strength and so on.

Mechanical & Electrical

One-stop service

Full service special automobile manufacturing, improve the spare parts supply. Introducing online sales platform, to provide more selection.

Spare parts

Only focus on quality

High-end equipment spare parts production combined with group use, only focus on quality, not the pursuit of quantity. Commitment to full package service.

Education platform

Skilled talents

Full support the development of vehicle industry, education and training sector expand welding robot applications.


SHUIPO-Assembly Line & Production Lin applicated integration solution
SHUIPO-Assembly Line & Production Lin applicated integration solution Shandong Shuipo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in May 2004, is located in Liangshan Marsh, the place in which the well-know story of Water Margin or Outlaws of the Marsh was set.The company mainly specializes in the research, development and manufacture of special-purpose vehicle welding equipment, and offers special welding equipment for the vehicle refitting, engineering machinery and steel structures. It has the ability to design complete plants solutions according to customers' product features. The company has developed 96 kinds of welding and cutting equipment in 28 series,including an automatic welding machine for annular seam in specially shaped tank, automatic welding machine for corrugated plate with automatic laser tracking technology... details