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Collaborating for Mutual Success—UAE Customers Visit and Investigate Shandong Shuipo Intelligent

12-07-2023 13:42  

        Recently, a delegation of customers from the United Arab Emirates visited Shandong Shuipo Intelligent for a tour and exchange. The purpose of this visit was to provide agents with a comprehensive understanding of the company's production capabilities and product quality. It also aimed to engage in in-depth discussions about potential collaboration models for the future. UAE customers visited with the intention of fostering a stronger partnership.



        United Arab Emirates customers visited our company accompanied by their account manager, touring various production workshops, including the intelligent workshop, digital workshop, welding workshop, and cutting workshop. Through the inspection and tour, the customers gained a firsthand understanding of the manufacturing processes, technological advantages, and comprehensive capabilities of Waterpo Intelligent.

        Impressed by our mature technology and production management capabilities, the customers expressed their full recognition. They have greater confidence in the quality of our products after witnessing our production facilities and processes.


        At  the progress of the visit, we engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with our clients. We listened to valuable suggestions based on the local market conditions, and proposed a series of targeted solutions to help the clients overcome challenges in their marketing endeavors.

        This visit has strengthened the cooperation between us and our clients from the UAE. Not only did the clients gain a deeper understanding of our company, but it also laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of our products in the UAE market. This visit not only boosted confidence in our partnership but also further enhanced the recognition and market share of our brand in the local market.

        We will continue to dedicate ourselves to technological innovation and quality improvement to provide our clients with smarter and more efficient solutions. We look forward to collaborating with more international partners to create a better future together. Additionally, we are committed to ongoing technological innovation and quality enhancement to offer our clients smarter and more efficient solutions. Simultaneously, we are willing to establish long-term strategic partnerships with clients worldwide to explore broader market opportunities.



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